Monday, June 9, 2008

Amazing Cocktails in Wine Country

I was up in wine country over the weekend, and had the pleasure of experiencing the expertly crafted cocktails of Scott Beattie at the wonderful restaurant Cyrus in Healdsburg.

We were told that Scott doesn't spend much time behind the bar @ Cyrus anymore (he's been busy with a book coming out in November, and you can pre-order it here), but the staff he has behind the bar does a fantastic job. Mr. Beattie has put a beverage program in place that truly elevates the craft of the cocktail to new heights. He takes a culinary approach to cocktails, embracing the use of fresh, local, organic products in his creations. We're talking the use of edible flowers, fresh herbs, fresh fruit, and locally distilled, artisan spirits.

I'm a big fan of drinks inspired by the seasons, and the Bar at Cyrus utilizes what's fresh and in-season to create cocktails that reflect and highlight the time of year remarkably well. Healdsburg's abundance of organic farms and quality farmer's markets ensures a steady supply of the freshest ingredients, which allows Scott and team the freedom to create cocktails that not only enliven our taste buds, but highlight the region as well.

I'll be posting a description of the cocktails we sampled and a little more about the bar and our experience a bit later.


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