Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cocktails @ Cyrus

As promised, here are a couple of pics from our evening spent imbibing at Cyrus.

The Balmy Spring featured Sarticious Gin from Santa Cruz, California; fresh lemon juice, lemon balm, wild California Bay Leaf, Seltzer, and was garnished with an array of local, edible flowers. The cocktail's bouquet was fragrant and soothing. The taste? It was crisp, balanced, and very refreshing. I loved how the bay leaf and lemon balm perfectly complimented the botanicals in the Sarticious gin...simply amazing. Almost like sipping a "garden in a glass." And below is the Olallieberry Golightly. As you can see, it was a very fruit-forward/berry-centric libation featuring an array of fresh, organic berries from the Healdsburg area and Hangar 1 Vodka from Alameda, California.

We also sampled the the Caracas Mai Tai (Pampero Aniversario Anejo Rum, Orgeat Syrup, Lime Juice, Cointreau, Bachelor Blossom Petals, & Torched Strawberry with Aged Balsamico); the Frankfort Manhattan (in a large glass infusion jar they combine vanilla beans, orange & lemon peels, and 12 Year Weller Bourbon and allow it to sit for 2 weeks, and then mix it with Sweet Vermouth, Angostura Bitters, & Amarena Cherries); and one of my favorite classics--and America's FIRST cocktail--the Sazerac (Peychaud bitters, a dash of sugar, a drop of Angostura Bitters, Rye Whiskey, and Herbsaint).

The food: it was creative and full of interesting flavors. We started off with the Six Cheese Plate, an artisanal and farmhouse cheese selection with complementing breads, fruits and accompaniments, and then segued into the evenings main courses: Sea Bass with sweet corn, spring onions and mussel jus; Pea and Pancetta Risotto, which was nicely complimented by a parmesan broth; and the Crispy Chicken with potato puree which was served with some absolutely delicious haricots verts (green beans). Presentation of food and drink was remarkable, service was professional and courteous. Oh yeah...I loved the stainless steel straws used for the drinks. Cool idea, although I have a feeling they would dissapear if I tried using them in my bar! With some jazz music playing softly in the background, the overall atmosphere was subdued and relaxed.

Seeing how Scott Beattie and team change the cocktail menu on regular basis to suit the seasons, I'll have to come back to Cyrus soon to sample some of their newest creations.

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