Friday, July 25, 2008

Molecular Mixology

I've been playing around with what's known as Molecular Mixology as of late...cocktail foams in particular. Cocktail foams are pretty basic: using either gelatin sheets or egg whites, an ISI Cream Whipper, some Co2 cartrdiges, and flavor(s) or your choice, you can create flavored foams to put on top of your cocktails. I've only used egg whites thus far, but plan on making some Campari foam and some Casis/Lemon foam this weekend using gelatin sheets. I'll be sure to post pics and recipes. Some of the egg white based foams I've experimented with so far: Vanilla, Mint/Lime, and Pomegranate/Cinnamon.

Get out your beakers and test tubes folks,because we're heading to the lab!!!!