Monday, September 15, 2008

Hedley Club San Jose

I had some expertly crafted, well-balanced, creative cocktails at DeAnza Hotel's Hedley Club in Downtown San Jose a couple of weeks ago.

Beverage Director Lonny Abigou has put together a very nice cocktail list. His passion and enthusiasm for fine spirits and unique cocktails is contagious, and his background as a sommelier makes for some really interesting and unique approaches to the way he crafts drinks.

After having a splendid time with Lonny and enjoying his creations, we returned a few nights later. Lonny wasn't there, and the bartedner mixing it up behind the bar wasn't as comfortable with the drinks as Lonny was...ordeing a Sazerac and Old Fashioned created some confusion, but all in all, a decent time. The bar is small, but they make good use of the space they have. The Hedley Club itself is located in an absolutely stunning room! The live jazz was wonderful, and the pizzas we sampled were all bursting with flavor.

I look forward to seeing what Mr. Abigou does with this beverage program. LOTS of potential!! Hooray for the South Bay!!

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Ivan Chan Studio said...

I'm looking forward to visiting the Hedley Bar and trying their cocktails.

Thanks for the introduction!

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