Saturday, April 25, 2009

Some Recipes

Hang On!

4 Kumquats
1 barspoon soft brown sugar
2 ice cubes
muddle (pulverize) the kumquats in bottom of a mixing glass

Add more ice

.5 oz. Passion Fruit Puree
3/4 oz. Hangar 1 Buddhas Hand Citrus Vodka
1 and 1/4 oz. Hangar 1 Straight Vodka

Shake and strain into 12 oz. Highball Glass, over crushed ice

OPTIONS: Drizzle a small splash of Mandarine Napoleon Liqueur over top of drink or 2 dashes Fees aromatic Bitters...both options create added layers of flavor, but it's just as good without either additions
Garnish: Kumquat hanging off side of the glass and mint sprig dusted with powdered sugar


Pulp of 1 large Kiwi
.5 oz. Triple Syrup, or to taste*
Muddle well in bottom of mixing glass
.5 oz. Fresh Lemon
.5 oz. Fresh Pressed Apple Juice** (both Red Delicious and Granny Smith Green Apples work well and bring something different to the completed drink. At the moment, I've been using Red Delicious apples.)
1.5 oz. Matusalem Platino Rum...I use a little more when making it for myself at home ;)

Add ice
Shake and Strain into Chilled Cocktail glass (seeds and all)

Garnish = Kiwi Wheel (thin) and a long lemon twist (get one of these for the twists):
*Triple Syrup: 2 parts Agave Nectar, 2 parts Simple Syrup, 1/2 part Honey Syrup (creates a sweetner with multiple layers; great for sweetning those culinary, farmers-market style cocktails.

**Fresh Pressed Apple Juice (you'll need one of these juicers, or something similar)

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