Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Boot & Shoe Service, Oakland

Checked out the Boot & Shoe Service--a really cool pizza restaurant on Grand Avenue in Oakland--which is housed in an old brick building that used to be the home of a...yep, Boot & Shoe business. 

I love this place!  Great cocktails, a small but interesting selection of spirits, beers and wines, and did I mention the cocktails?  Fantastic.  Funky soundtrack playing in the background, dim lighting, exposed brick in the back of the space (where the bar is), gourmet pizzas, and a friendly and witty bartender who obviously loved what she was doing (and was very knowledgeable as well).  I had a great cocktail consisting of Neisson Rhum Blanc, St. Liz Allspice Dram, cane syrup, fresh lime juice, orange bitters, and house-made tonic.  It was a well-balanced and full-flavored cocktail with layers of complexity.  And, it was just downright GOOD!

All in all, a really great experience.  Looking forward to going back soon.

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