Friday, July 1, 2011

Early-Summer Cocktail List, Walnut Creek Yacht Club

It's officially summer here in the San Francisco Bay Area, and that means a new cocktail list over the Walnut Creek Yacht Club in beautiful downtown Walnut Creek!

Early-Summer Cocktails
from the summer farmers market to your cocktail glass

House-made roasted red pepper syrup; Amontillado Sherry; cucumber-infused vodka; fresh lemon juice.  Served "up" in a chilled cocktail glass with smoked paprika, crushed almonds, and sea salt on the rim.  Garnished with a skewer of cherry tomato, cucumber, and cocktail onion

Plenty of Plums, Plenty of Thyme
House-made plum/thyme syrup; Licor 43; Marie Duffau Napoleon Bas Armagnac; spiced plum bitters; fresh lemon juice; egg white.  Served "up" with a sprig of fresh thyme

Drink Your Peach!

Fresh peach muddled with local honey syrup; peach & Peychaud bitters; fresh lemon juice; Old Forrester Bourbon whiskey; topped off with a splash of Pranqster Belgian-style Golden Ale.  Garnished with a sprig of fresh rosemary and a slice of fresh peach. Served tall over ice

Sailor's Choice
rum, rhum agricole, pisco & cachaca cocktails

Fresh cucumber muddled in our house-made pineapple syrup; Sagatiba Pura Cachaca; Yellow Chartreuse and St. Germain Elderflower Liqueurs; fresh lime juice; topped off with chilled Champagne.  Served tall over ice & garnished with a sprig of fresh mint 

Sweet Heat
Spiced mango puree; a dash of our own house-made Caribbean Fire Habanero Sauce; Batiste Rhum Agricole Blanc; Batavia Arrack; fresh lime juice and fresh cilantro.  Served "up"

Hiram Bingham
Pancho Fierro Quebranta Pisco with Rothman & Winters Orchard Apricot Liqueur; fresh lime juice; house-made Antilles syrup; Jerry Thomas' Own Decanter Bitters and fresh mint leaves; topped off with Graham Beck Brut sparkling wine.  Served in a Champagne Flute 

WCYC's 1944 Mai Tai
Appleton Estate V/X Rum, Crusoe Organic Spiced Rum, fresh lime juice, orgeat syrup, orange curacao.  Served short over crushed ice

House Favorites
some favorites from over the years

Ciello Rosso
Winner at the Las Vegas Cocktail Competition in 2008, which featured Campari.  Skyy citrus vodka, Campari, fresh basil leaves, fresh ruby red grapefruit and lemon juices. Served "up" in a chilled cocktail glass with a twist of lemon and fresh basil leaf. 

Dulce y Picante
Also known over the years to our guests as the "Latini":  House-made chili-citrus syrup, lots of fresh lime juice, and Agavales 100% blue agave tequila blanco.  Served "up" with spicy/sweet Picositos on the rim. 

House-made ginger syrup; fresh lime juice with fresh mint; Bombay Gin.  Served "up"

our tribute to the classics

Champs Elysees Cocktail
Ferrand Cognac; Green Chartreuse; fresh lemon juice; aromatic bitters.  Served "up" with a twist of lemon

Haymans Old Tom Gin, Luxardo Maraschino liqueur, a touch of Creme de Violette, fresh lemon juice.  Served "up" with a long twist of lemon

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