Wednesday, August 3, 2011

La Leyenda (The Legend)

Here's my La Leyenda #2.  Super proud of this spirit-driven, Pisco-forward cocktail and how it has developed!  Enjoy!

2 oz. Oro Quebranta Pisco
.5 oz. Amontillado Sherry
.25 oz. Rothman & Winters Apricot Liqueur
.25 oz. Yellow Chartreuse
1 healthy dash each of Grapefruit and Angostura Bitters

Stir well with ice in a mixing glass

Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.  (OPTIONAL:  rinse the glass out with 1/2 oz. Mezcal before pouring the cocktail if you'd like a subtle, smokey quality to your drink)

Garnish with a Grapefruit peel (squeeze the peel over the completed cocktail to release the oils over surface of your drink)

And here's my original created for the Oro Pisco "Manly Cocktail Competition" held the other day on Treasure Island.  It was a great event with so many talented bartenders from both sides of the Bay:

La Layenda #1
2 oz. Quebranta Pisco
.5 oz. Amontillado Sherry
.5 oz. El Dorado 5 Yr. Rum
Dash of Angostura Bitters (several different styles/flavors work well in this drink)
Stir with ice

Strain into a rocks glass over 1 "smoked" ice sphere (I smoked water in a smoker, took that water and poured them into some Japanese Ice Ball Molds, and froze them)

No Garnish.  A "manly man" doesn't need one.  LOL!  (I had this whole silly, tongue-in-cheek storyline I printed out to go along with the drink and the competitions theme based on "The Most Interesting Man In The World" character from those beer commercials we all know and love).  It was all in good fun!  

It's nutty, smokey (as the ice ball melts, more smoke is released), and those classic Quebranta characteristics shine through for a manly cocktail using just 3 main ingredients with a dash of bitters.  To replicate this easy-to-make cocktail at home without the smoked ice, simply rinse your glass with a dash of Mezcal.   Cheers!  


Meryll said...

It was very yummy! I am doing a private pisco tasting in Walnut Creek, do you mind if I use the recipe for one of my cocktails? I will give you credit of course.

JAY CRABB said...

Absolutely Meryll! It was a great event you put on! Sorry I was such a slug that day :( I was so beat from taking inventory the night before and was feeling a little under the weather. I think I stayed in one of those comfy chairs you you guys had in the lounge area for most of the event! But you guys did an awesome job, and there were so many amazing cocktails from a truly talented group of bartenders (from both sides of the Bay). Well done Meryll and Clear Grape! Cheers!