Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Beer Cafe To Open

I'm looking forward to the opening of a new Beer Cafe & Bottle Shop in Walnut Creek here in a few weeks:
Their Grand Opening is slated for September 16th.  Good times!

Way to go Walnut Creek!  We'll soon have a Craft Beer Bar.  We already have a nice wine barGreat restaurants line the streets of downtown.  Walnut Creek is on a roll.  This got me to thinking:  maybe, just maybe there is room in W.C. for a Craft Cocktail Bar?  A beautiful space that is primarily a bar and lounge that serves hand-crafted cocktails made with the best ingredients.  A bar that has carefully selected spirits, glassware, ice, and decor.  Oh, and a "Cocktail Garden."  Yes, that's right.  It's like a beer garden, only better!  Pre-Prohibition era cocktails alongside creative, contemporary, culinary-style cocktails.  A small but well-appointed beer and wine list.  An eclectic mix of music.  A warm and inviting space with an attention to lighting, music, and local art.  AMBIANCE!  A space where the guests come first, and cocktails and spirits reign supreme.  A small kitchen producing a limited but exciting menu full of tasty bites.  All of this in downtown Walnut Creek?   Hmmmmmmmmm...

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