Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hooray For Booze!

Some new spirits and liqueurs for your sipping pleasure, now at the Walnut Creek Yacht Club!

- Eagle Rare Bourbon:  bold, dry, oaky flavors, with a hint of almonds and orange zest.  Makes a superb Manhattan.

- Briottet Creme de Framboise:  We have some left over after using part of the bottle in a great punch we served at our Americas Cup 101 Dinner a couple weeks back.  Have it in a cocktail.  Mix it with Champagne.  Heck, you can even pour it over your ice cream.  A rich, luscious, beautifully crafted creme de framboise.  

- Kubler and St. George Absinthes:  try one or both in our traditional Absinthe Service

- St. George Botanivore Gin:  The Botanivore earned its name from all the different botanicals that go into creating its unique flavor. There are 19 in total making this a wonderfully herbacious treat.  Try it in a classic gin Martini, or in our wonderful Sgt. Pepper cocktail featured on our specialty cocktail list.

- St. George Single Malt Whiskey

- Ferrand Ancienne Method Dry Orange Curacao:  The fine folks over at Pierre Ferrand Cognac teamed up with cocktail/spirits expert and historian David Wondrich.  They researched 19th-century recipes, and the result is Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao Ancienne Méthod, made with an infusion of the dried skins of Seville oranges in a base of high quality unaged, clear brandy. The spirit is redistilled and blended with Cognac, seasonings like anise and grilled sugar, and more orange peels. It is then barrel-aged and emerges smooth, veiled with orange, kissed with sweetness and hinting of juniper, almonds and vanilla.  Try it in our 1944 Mai Tai.  Delicious.

- Breaking & Entering Bourbon

- Firelit Coffee Liqueur:  The only coffee liqueur you'll ever need!  Amazing.

- Santa Teresa Rhum Orange Liqueur:  Order yourself a Sidecar made with rum instead of Cognac.  We'll make it with this beautiful orange liqueur, rum, and fresh lemon juice.

- Cocchi Barolo Chinato:  Notes of quinine, cardamom, gentian and rhubarb.  Sip it slightly chilled and neat.  If you're a fan of things like fortified wines and amaro, this aromatized wine will be right up your alley.  It's truly the nectar of the Gods!

-  Ron Zacapa XO:  a gorgeous, luxurious sipping rum that has been finished in French Oak Cognac barrels.  Zacapa rums go through an interesting process.  Ask us about it, because we love to talk rum.  A lot of rums are produced from molasses which is a by product of sugar refining. Molasses based rums (especially those made from blackstrap molasses) tend to have a pronounced "cooked" flavor and aroma. Then you have Rhum Agricole, the French version/style of rum.  Agricoles are produced from the first pressings of the sugar cane juice, very similar to Brazilian Cachaca.  Agricoles and Cachaca tend to have green, vegetal, floral, grassy, and/or earthy qualities to them.  Some folks would even say they have a "funk" to them.  We like a little funk.  So how about Zacapa XO rum?  We'll tell you all about it!

- Chauffe Coeur Rhum Agricole Brun:  the sugarcane comes from two small producers in Martinique, and only freshly extracted sugarcane juice is used for fermentation and distillation.  After distillation, the rhums are brought back to the Martayrol family cellars near Paris, France for aging (spending about 7 years in oak barrels, some dating back almost 200 years), blending (blended by two brothers in the Martayrol family) and then bottling.  There is no added sugar, and no caramel or artificial coloring is added.  With notes of marzipan, brown butter, tobacco, and fresh cut sugarcane, this is one special Rhum Agricole.

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