Friday, July 5, 2013

Negroni Love Affair

Yep.  I'm in love with a cocktail.  But not just any cocktail.  Nope, we're talking about the perfect aperitivo; that magical combination of gin, sweet vermouth, and Gran Classico bitterThe enduring Negroni cocktail was invented circa 1919 in Florence, Italy at Caffe Rivoire. It's a classic cocktail that has made bitterness palatable for generations of drinkers ever since.  Served either on the rocks or up in a cocktail glass, the Negroni is a panacea for, well, just about everything.  Add a twist of orange and you have heaven in a glass.  For a limited time, you can get the Omnipresente (our house Negroni) at BUILD Pizzeria Roma for just $6 between 4pm and 6pm, Monday through Friday.  
Let us make one for you today.

And speaking of happy hour @ BUILD:  After a long, stressful day, do you need a little attitude adjustment without breaking the bank? We can help!  Come get BUILD's Attitude Adjustment for just $7:  a tallboy can of Legit Lager served with a shot of Fernet or our house Boulevardier Shooter (citrus/vanilla infused whiskey, sweet vermouth, Campari and orange zest). Trust me, it makes everything better.


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