Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall Cocktails @ BUILD Pizzeria Roma (UPDATED for Winter, 12/29)

It's that time of year, folks!  Sure, it's still sunny every day with no rain in sight, but there is that crisp and distinctive chill in the air. That's right my's Autumn Winter!  Here's the new cocktail list over at BUILD Pizzeria Roma, updated for Fall Winter.  Word is that the beer list will see some new additions in the draught beer department over the next few weeks as well. Sip, savor, repeat. Cheers!

cocktails at BUILD utilize artisanal spirits, fresh juices, hand-crafted bitters, and several unique house-made ingredients.  sip, savor, repeat

Crisp & Refreshing 
citrus-driven & market-fresh

Winter In Rome - pisco italia & apple brandy, honey, campari, grapefruit & lemon juices, fresh rosemary, egg white, dusted with cinnamon; served "up"

Pompelmo Piquante - tequila, a touch of heat from our house-made calabrian tincture, aperol, grapefruit & lime juices, pineapple syrup, black lava & chipotle salt rim; served "up"

Cosa Bella - a blend of platinum & vanilla rums, lime juice, fresh mint, tropical bitters; served "up"

Il Nostro Sour -  plum & apricot brandies, pisco acholado, lime juice, egg white, barrel-aged bitters; served "up"

Coco Sofisticada - a blend of jamaican & nicaraguan rums, house-made coconut cream, fresh lime and orange juices, pineapple, tropical bitters, nutmeg and cinnamon; served tall and "on-the-rocks"

Tazza di Pimms - pimms liqueur, muddled cucumber, gin, amaro, lemon, fizz; served tall and "on-the-rocks"

Moroccan Nights - mandarin blossom vodka, cardamom bitters, tea syrup, pomegranate & lime juices; served "up"
Angry Mule - vodka, raw ginger juice, lime juice, allspice, nutmeg, autumn bitters, fizz; served "on-the-rocks" in a copper mug

featured seasonal drink, changes frequently
Egg Nog - house-made eggnog crafted with local brandy, aged rum, fresh eggs and cream, sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon

Spirituous LIbations
spirit-forward cocktails

Point & A Half – navy strength gin, punt e mes, benedictine, orange bitters; served “up" or on a hand-carved ice ball

Sweet Old Man - a blend of rye and bourbon whiskies, amaro, sweet vermouth, maraschino liqueur, house-blended bitters; served "up" or on a hand-carved ice ball

Scottish Folk Hero - blended scotch & a whisper of smokey islay scotch, barolo chinato & sweet vermouth, grapefruit & orange oils; served "up" or on a hand-carved ice ball

Rosita - reposado tequila, dry and sweet vermouths, campari, aztec chocolate bitters; served "up" or on a hand-carved ice ball

Roadblock Friendly
refreshing non-alcoholic libations.  alcohol-free, guaranteed!

Zenzero - fresh ginger and lemon juices, house-made tea syrup, fresh muddled orange and mint, seltzer; served tall and "on-the-rocks"

Sorrento - orgeat, lime, pineapple and basil, egg white, drizzle of balsamic reduction; served "up"

COMING SOON!  BUILD's Hot Banana Buttered Rum and Winter Toddy, early in January

Featured Beers:  Bison Organic Gingerbread Ale and Cuvee des Jacobins Rouge!'

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