Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sips & Pics, 2015

Cocktails crafted by Jay Crabb for Paula LeDuc Fine Catering. Photography by Josh Gruetzmacher.  Styling and staging by Paula LeDuc Fine Catering Design Dept.  Pictures shot on location at our venue Beaulieu Garden in Napa, California and the Paula LeDuc Fine Catering headquarters in Emeryville, California between April and October of 2015.


A Spirituous Occasion:  VS Cognac, Jamaican Rum, East India Solera Sherry, house-made "trifecta spice blend" cordial, aromatic bitters, amarena cherries

Rosa Eterna: raspberries, rose syrup, fresh pink grapefruit juice, Lillet Rosé, local gin, sparkling wine

The Menacing Mule:  spicy ginger cordial, pomegranate, lime, citrus vodka, club soda, dry ice

The Gold Standard:  amontillado sherry, baby golden beet juice, heirloom tomato syrup, fresh lemon, pimenton spice mix rim

Coco Sofisticado: rum blend, house-made coconut cream and pineapple cordial, fresh lime and orange juices, spiced bitters, nutmeg 

Il Nostro Sour: slivovitz, rhum agricole, apricot, lime, egg white, house-made aromatic bitters, edible flower petals

Apple Celery Julep: house-made celery cordial, Akvavit, fresh lemon juice, German apple liqueur, crushed ice, lemon thyme

The Best Man:  rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, amaro, maraschino liqueur, house-made orange bitters, amarena cherry; served over an ice sphere

Garden Gimlet:  Beaulieu Gardens fresh garden herb blend, local gin, house-made lime cordial

Blueberry Sonata: gin, fresh blueberries, lemon juice, honey syrup; topped with lemon-sage foam

Gustoso Bevanda: pisco quebranta, aperol, fresh red bell pepper juice, basil, salt, lemon

La Pina en Fuego: tequila blanco, carmelized pineapple, cilantro, lime, spicy mixed chili tincture

Il Cetriolo Amaro: beet-stained cucumbers, ginger beer, averna amaro, pimms liqueur, fresh lemon juice, california bay laurel

Daiquiri:  aged rum, fresh lime juice, rich cane syrup

1944 Mai Tai:  jamaican rum, house-made spiced rum, orgeat, dry curacao, fresh lime juice, with a  dark rum float inside of an inverted lime shell

Front Porch Cooler:  bourbon, mint, peach bitters, falernum, house-made "front porch" syrup, fresh lemon juice

Winter Old Fashioned:  apple brandy or bourbon, maple syrup, spiced bitters, orange peel, amarena cherry, large chunk of ice

Pisco Tropicale:  pisco, house-made aromatic bitters, apricot, pineapple, lime, brut sparkling wine

Paloma Picante:  carbonated cocktail with mezcal, aromatized wine, hot pepper blend, orange blossom honey, fresh pink grapefruit juice, lime, and black lava salt

Sip. Savor. Repeat.

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Stunning photos, amazing creations. Delicious!